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1) Strong ability to similar case retrieval

Iphouse has successfully established a set of unique similar case inquiry mechanism that can quickly lock the scope of specific patent litigation cases through data means and search the similar cases of trademarks through the similarity of their composition.At the same time, Iphouse provides similar case inquiry based on laws and regulations, the consistency of infringement facts, the market influence and other facts. 


2) Multidimensional analysis of intellectual property rights

Through the data multidimensional associations of the written judgment, intellectual property, the whole process of information and business information, credit system, Iphouse has achieved the role analysis of enterprises, individuals, institutions, and the behavior analysis of NPE, batch of litigation and trademark malicious registered . What’s more ,we can also analyse for the future of intellectual property protection and industry development trend.

3) Unique professional research team to intellectual property

With rich expert resources and a group of "technology + law" professional talent team, Iphouse has successfully provided powerful data analysis and research for dozens of courts, market supervision bureaus and many universities in China.


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