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Based on advanced and powerful data processing technology and visualization system, IPHOUSE from the perspective of patent litigation American companies in China and through the analysis of patent civil litigation and administrative litigation cases of American enterprises in China from 2008 to 2019 to involve the patent litigation of the district court cases, the annual trend, the overall results, agency, etc., to show the U.S. enterprise patent litigation in China, to assist the prediction of litigation results and legal risks accurately.

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IPLEAD is an original new media service platform dedicated to “aggregating intellectual property solutions for innovation”.

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After more than six years of deep cultivation, our “I know the Productivity” brand has achieved certain industry status and industry influence in the intellectual property industry. The WeChat public account “ID: Zhichanli” operated by our company has more than  200,000 fans, and the related reports have received high attention and recognition from the administrative, judicial and industrial circles.


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In order to improve the rule of law for intellectual property rights and promote the modernization of the country, Liu Chuntian Su Chi Jin Kesheng Studio was established with the support of the Beijing Sunshine Intellectual Property and Legal Development Foundation. The studio will give full play to the role of intellectual property rights in promoting innovation and creativity, and uphold the concept of professionalism, public welfare and internationality, aiming to provide first-class services for government agencies, innovative enterprises and scientific research/academic institutions. The studio will set up an expert think tank to gather multi-party experience and provide intellectual support for judicial practice, innovation-driven development, and industrial upgrading. The studio will give full play to the resources of the think tank, serve the regional economic development, and assist the relevant government departments in industrial planning and policy formulation through basic situation research, project research, program consulting, high-end training and training, index system release, and innovation policy decision support. To help enterprises establish a sound intellectual property strategic planning and management system.

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