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Statistical Analysis Report on Intellectual Property Cases in the Film and Television Industry (07.2016-06.2017)

This report mainly includes two parts:Overall Analysis and the Analysis of specific different types of cases such as Copyright Cases, Unfair Competition Cases, Trademarks Cases and Industrial Design Cases.

The analysis is mainly based on the number of cases, regional distribution, length of trial, trial results and the compensation amounts ordered. In addition, the Infringement cases, Internet-related cases, the Copyright cases involving games and the defense reasons of defendants in Unfair Competition Cases are also analyzed.

From the China Intellectual Property Judgement Database ( of IPHouse, we retrieved 15,693 IP cases in the film and television industry that Chinese courts adjudicated between July 2016 and June 2017. And most of them are Copyright Cases. Among all of them, three are related to foreign affairs,wherein two copyright cases and one trademark case are included. In all the three cases, the foreign party was the plaintiff, and the courts all ordered in support of the plaintiff’s claims, namely, the claims of the foreign party.


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