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Based on advanced and powerful data processing technology and visualization system, IPHOUSE from the perspective of patent litigation American companies in China and through the analysis of patent civil litigation and administrative litigation cases of American enterprises in China from 2008 to 2019 to involve the patent litigation of the district court cases, the annual trend, the overall results, agency, etc., to show the U.S. enterprise patent litigation in China, to assist the prediction of litigation results and legal risks accurately.

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Data Analysis of Trademark Lawsuits in Chinese Courts in 2016

This data analysis is based on the judgement and decisions of trademark cases tried and settled by Chinese courts from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016 (“the Sample Statistics”) collected by Along with the rocketing of new filings and the cumulative total, the number of trademark-related lawsuits has also seen overall growth.

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Data Analysis Report on Patent Litigation Involving American Enterprises in China

This report is about the data analysis on patent litigation involving American enterprises in China from 2008 to October 2018. It includes three parts: Overall Condition Analysis of Cases, Analysis on administrative cases of patent and the Analysis on civil patent cases.

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Statistical Analysis Report on Intellectual Property Cases in the Film and Television Industry (07.2016-06.2017)

This report mainly includes two parts:Overall Analysis and the Analysis of specific different types of cases such as Copyright Cases, Unfair Competition Cases, Trademarks Cases and Industrial Design Cases.

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Data Analysis Report on Foreign-related IP Cases Adjudicated in China 1996-2017

This report includes four parts:Analysis of Technology Cases Adjudicated by Chinese Courts Involving U.S. Parties between 1996 and 2017,Scope of Data Analysis,Analysis of Judicial Data and the Judicial Judgments on U.S.-related Cases. In the middle of all,the Analysis of Judicial Data is the most critical. And it consists of Overall Analysis,Analysis of Civil Cases,Analysis of Administrative Cases and Conclusion.

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