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About us

  • Ⅰ. The efficient capability of gathering intelligence

1) Intellectual property document retrieval system

2) Monitoring announcement of court session

3)Monitoring competitor 

4) Full-period data service solution of intellectual property

  • Ⅱ.  A great team to analyse intellectual property litigation data 

1) Strong ability to similar case retrieval

2) Multidimensional analysis of intellectual property rights 

3) Unique professional research team to intellectual property

  • Ⅲ. The professional provider to business data analysis report about intellectual property 

  • Ⅳ. The best foreign data service provider 

  • Ⅴ. Expert meeting service

  • Ⅵ. Market research service

  • Ⅶ. Brand publicity

  • Ⅷ. Subscribe to consultation platform


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